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The following statement explains how your information will be treated as you make use of my web-site - It applies to all the public areas of the web-site. does not collect or store any information to identify you individually.

The Mediawiki software used by employs cookies for session management. No other cookies are used by

I am not responsible for the privacy practices of external web-sites. A link from to an external site is not an endorsement of that site's privacy policy.

Information Collected

The that is provided automatically by a browser is recorded in server logs and may be used for traffic analysis.

This information includes:


Software programs that allow users to access documents on the World Wide Web are known as User-Agents. Typically these will be "browsers", such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Most User-Agents provide information about the type and version of both the user agent software and the operating system of the computer on which it runs. This information is provided automatically to every web-site the user visits.

IP Address

This is a unique numeric address assigned to each computer connected to the Internet and is provided automatically to every web-site the user visits.

Usually, IP Addresses can be resolved to domain names, which may identify an Internet Service Provider (ISP), employer, university, etc.


The referrer is the URL (address) of the page from which a request originated and is provided automatically by the User Agent (browser).